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#SUBOOJOURNAL Mother's Day Series w/ Montarna Pitt
At SUBOO our all-women team is comprised of like-minded individuals. We find our passion and purpose in uplifting our community, not only with designs to make women feel confident but also through showcasing incredible narratives from those in our community who continue to inspire us every day. 

This year in celebration of Mother’s Day we have carefully curated a series of Q&A’s with a diverse range of Mother’s in our community. We’re delighted to showcase three inspiring women who open up the conversation of Motherhood in all its rawness and truth. 
We hope as a community through sharing these stories we continue to connect with one another, finding a sense of comfort and familiarity.

In our final instalment we virtually sat down with Montarna Pitt, mum to 20-month-old daughter Parker, and founder of Fashion PR + Communications agency 'The Audience Agency' - who represent some of Australia's most stylish brands.

What was your biggest concern becoming a Mother?

During my pregnancy I was terrified of the birth and didn’t think much beyond that…which is funny to me now as a mother of a 20 month old! Because it’s everything after the birth that has been the real learning curve. I think as you progress through each stage you evolve as a mother so my worries are constantly evolving. At around four months I was scared of introducing solids and meal times were a bit traumatic for me, but now as Parker approaches two I’m worried about things like setting boundaries and teaching Parker resilience. And let’s not even talk about toilet training!

Little Parker is adorable - what has she taught you?

Thank you, I think so too. Parker has taught me SO much. Patience, perseverance, she taught me the meaning of unconditional love, how to be selfless and she’s really pushed me to change my priorities

How do you find that ‘Balance’ of being a Mother?

I’m still working on finding ‘balance’, to be honest, and I’m starting to wonder if it’s a parenting myth? Perhaps balance is an unrealistic expectation we put on ourselves as mothers to find. I didn’t take time off when I had Parker so from day one I’ve been juggling mothering alongside my business and trying to maintain some kind of social life. In hindsight I think it’s about prioritizing and once you figure out your priorities, it makes the juggle easier.

If you could give advice to any new mum about those early stages of Motherhood what would it be?

It’s a cliché – but be kind to yourself. Don’t put pressure on yourself to be everything to everyone, I did this with Parker and I don’t know how I didn’t burn out. The silver lining of COVID for me was that it forced me to slow down and live in the moment more. Entering the world of motherhood is overwhelming and that’s OK (it’s how it should be) so it’s important to slow down and take whatever time you need to settle into your new role.

Is Motherhood everything you had envisioned?

It’s so much more than anything I envisioned. It’s far more amazing and fulfilling that I ever thought possible whilst at the same time it’s far harder and overwhelming than I was prepared for. It’s definitely my greatest achievement and I have no doubt will continue to be as Parker continues to develop and we grow as a family.

What has been your favourite memory so far?

There are so many it’s hard to choose, but I have to say Parker’s birth. That was hands down the best day of my life. I read a line in a book after I had PJ that said something along the lines of “people say when you have a baby your world turns upside down, but that would mean your world resembles some kind of normality when in actual fact your world is shaken up and spun around”. It scared the living daylights out of me reading this as a new mum of four weeks thinking I’d bounce back to normal after having PJ but I now understand what the author was saying – and it wasn’t meant in a negative way. Your world is shaken up and it’s exactly how it should be when you’re stepping into the most incredible, responsible, emotional time of your life.

Mothers are selfless humans! But we still need time to ourselves. What do you do to unwind when you have a moment to yourself?

I love to take a bath and listen to music or a podcast if I’ve got a quick half an hour. If I have more time I love to hang out with my friends; since becoming a mum I don’t get to see them as much as I’d like to. There’s nothing like a dinner with your besties to bring you back to life and make you feel like you again.

Parker is one little fashionista! Is it too early to see her own personal style coming though?

I think until she can dress herself she’ll be under mummy’s creative direction! She has started to react to clothes I put her in – some more positive than others - so maybe that’s a sign there are interesting looks to come!

Here are SUBOO we deeply thank Montarna for allowing us to showcase her advice and insights into life as a mother.