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#SUBOOJOURNAL Mother's Day Series w/ Marcia Leone
At SUBOO our all-women team is comprised of like-minded individuals. We find our passion and purpose in uplifting our community, not only with designs to make women feel confident but also through showcasing incredible narratives from those in our community who continue to inspire us every day. 

This year in celebration of Mother’s Day we have carefully curated a series of Q&A’s with a diverse range of Mother’s in our community. We’re delighted to showcase three inspiring women who open up the conversation of Motherhood in all its rawness and truth. 

We hope as a community through sharing these stories we continue to connect with one another, finding a sense of comfort and familiarity.

In our second instalment we virtually sat down with Marcia Leone, mother to son Archie Valentino, daughter Poppy Valentine and also the founder of NOT SO MUMSY The Label.

Blogging behind NOTSOMUMMSY Marcia encapsulates a following and community of over 265,000 who not only love and admire her beautiful fashion, styling and family life she shares alike, but also appreciate the significant effort she makes across her social platforms to share the realities of parenthood. Join us as we get to know more about Marcia and her experience with Motherhood.

Poppy is beautiful! Tell us about your relationship and what she has taught you?
Poppy is my double rainbow baby. She was our little miracle after two years of secondary infertility so she taught me so much before she was even here! Mostly patience, surrender and to trust the timing of my life. 
How do you find that ‘Balance’ of being a Mother?

 I think the short answer is I don't! I feel if we are constantly striving for the elusive "balance" we are going to feel like we are failing. I prefer to use the word "blend" some days I feel like I'm nailing it and other days it's a disaster- that's motherhood. I started my own business to work from home around my children and the irony is I work harder and longer than I ever had- so for me I need to ensure when I'm home I'm focused on the kids and set time frame for work (which is difficult in social media world!)

If you could give advice to any new mum about those early stages of Motherhood what would it be? 

 You will be given so much "unsolicited" advice as a new mum- my tip is to take on what resonates, leave what doesn't and always trust your on instinct. You are the one who knows what works best for your baby and your family. You are doing a good job!
 Tell us about @notsomumsy_thelabel what sparked this idea?

 I had the idea for the label 6 years ago now as a first-time mum. I went from having a pretty cool job in television to being a SAHM wearing pjs all day so I thought why not create lounge wear and sets you can sleep in but also make you feel amazing are super comfy but you also look kinda cool and put together so you can wear out of the house and literally PJs ALL Day. Now every brand is doing sets and loungewear so I guess I was onto something!

Being able to include Poppy in the label must bring both of you such joy! Is she like her mum in her fashion sense or has she got her own little flare?

Poppy is obsessed with clothes and dancing and loves doing reels! I have a beautiful 9 year old who doesn't like taking pictures and I totally respect that and would do so with Poppy too, but she LOVES getting dressed up. She definitely has her own style (mainly pink haha) but will accessorize with scrunchies around her ankle and wrist -she dresses herself every day and also likes to pick out my clothes. 

What has been your favourite memory of being a mum so far?

I would say when my son Archie met Poppy for the first time. The joy in my heart was indescribable. 

Mothers are selfless humans! But we still need time to ourselves. What do you do to unwind when you have a moment to yourself?

Running my own business I don't get many moments to myself, but my non-negotiable is Pilates 2-3 x a week. I also love going to dinner with my girlfriends or getting a massage or a chakra clear- something to feed my soul. 

Here are SUBOO we deeply thank Marcia for allowing us to showcase her advice, insights into life as a mother and business woman and the special moments she’s shared with her children this Mother's Day.